We all know about Givenchy, which had one of the largest hypes in the fashion industry this past year and is currently on top. The popularity grew with the Rottweiler graphic, the leather and star applications over to the floral shirts and tees. Besides the creative ideas they are very well known for their prices, from hundreds of dollars to down right unpayable.

Well today we came across GIRAUNCHY! Yes, its not a typo, the brand is called Giraunchy. Though only offering one t-shirt at the moment, its so dope that you just might want to buy it! Its currently sold out but a restock is planned to be available shortly. What do you guys think?

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Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear Returns!

The Ralph Lauren teddy bear has become an icon and every piece of clothing from RL featuring the bear an iconic collectors piece. Being absent these recent years, the brand has just announced that it will be bringing back the Polo Bear Sweater.

Along with the announcement comes the news that you all can vote on which bear design to return. Polo offers up an array of graphics with the iconic teddy bear and on their RL Vintage website you can choose your favorite, the one that you want to come back.

Hedi Silmane Out at SLP?

After stirring things up earlier this year announcing that fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) would be changing its name to Saint Laurent Paris (SLP) for revamping and “branding purposes,” it now appears that it might be time for a change of scenery for the newly appointed creative director Hedi Slimane.

Slimane received less than great reviews for his first Saint Laurnet collcetion and he may now be forced to leave Los Angeles, where he lives and works as a photographer to return Paris, the brand’s headquarters.

“They’re only going to indulge him for one more season with this LA thing and if he doesn’t turn out a tremendous collection, they’re going to summon him back to Paris or end his contract,” predicted one fashion consultant.Saint Laurent Paris CEO Paul Deneve, however, recently said that Slimane — who YSL took a risk in hiring as he hadn’t worked for a major design house since leaving Dior in 2007 — was brought in for his “very clear vision for the house.”

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